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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Longsun
Model Number: TZQ1Y
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Delivery Time: 15 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, etc.



(CB Class) Intelligent Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch


LTZQ1Y series intelligent dual-power automatic transfer switch is a switch that continues to supply power in case of emergency. The switch is composed of a circuit breaker and an intelligent controller. It takes the latest microcomputer control system as the core, electromagnetic compatibility design, strong anti-drying resistance, stable and reliable long-term continuous work, equipped with a large-screen backlit LCD display, forming a good man-machine dialogue interface for users, easy to operate and warn And highly intelligent, is an ideal mechanical and electrical integration of new dual-power automatic transfer switch.

The product complies with the standard: GBT14048.11-2008 “Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 6; Multifunctional electrical appliances Part 1: Automatic transfer switching electrical appliances”.





Normal working conditions


Normal working conditions
●The ambient air temperature is -5°C~+40°C, and the average value of 24 hours does not exceed +35°C;
●The relative humidity should not exceed 50% at the highest temperature of +40°C, and higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperatures, for example, 90% at +20°C, but it should be considered that condensation may occur due to temperature changes;
●The altitude of the installation site shall not exceed 2000m;
●The category is Ⅳ. The inclination is not greater than ±23°;
●Pollution level is level 3;
If the above conditions cannot be met, you should negotiate with the manufacturer when ordering, and a separate technical agreement should be signed when the switch is used in mining, offshore, petroleum, and nuclear power plants.



Outline, installation size and wiring diagram (mm) 



Model (intelligent) Number of poles (P) Dimensions(mm) Installation size (mm)
W L h W1 L1
TZQ1Y-63 3, 4 380 240 140 350 220
TZQ1Y-100 3, 4 420 240 140 385 220
TZQ1Y-225 3, 4 470 240 150 435 220
TZQ1Y-400 3, 4 615 330 200 555 300
TZQ1Y-630 3, 4 740 330 200 380 300
TZQ1Y-800 3 725 330 210 670 300
4 790 330 210 735 300
TZQ1Y-1250 3 670 390 210 625 370
4 800 390 210 755 370

Note: The one-piece type and the split type have the same size.



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