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It is suitable for bundling network cables (UTP/STP/Fiber), signal cables, and power cables to prevent transmission rates from being affected by tight nylon cable ties.



Velcro Cable Tie



Product features:


Application: Velcro tape is a pasted design, has a variety of length options, whole volume design, can be tailored according to the customer’s own needs, flexible, convenient, and beautiful.

Material: The female side is made of PP, male side is made of nylon.



Size and Description


Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Bundle diameter (mm)
LSYE-125MGT 125 12 30
LSYE-135MGT 135 12 33
LSYE-150MGT 150 12 35
LSYE-180MGT 180 12 40
LSYE-210MGT 210 16 50
LSYE-250MGT 250 16 65
LSYE-310MGT 310 16 85
LSYE-400MGT 400 16 105
LSYE-500MGT 500 16 145



Packing and Delivery

Inside: plastic bag, inner box
Outside: Carton
According to customers’ request
Delivery: A variety of delivery ways are available, and can be shipped by sea, DHL, FEDEX, TNT, etc.




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